We are convinced that God has designed us in such a way that no one can grow personally or spiritually completely on their own.

By God’s design:

  • No one has all the gifts.
  • No one has complete clarity on all of life’s issues.
  • No one is able to do everything (even if they could they don’t have the time!).

We need each other!

One great way for us to connect with each other and to grow spiritually is to be part of a Growth Group.

Have you ever noticed, sometimes life just happens?

  • health
  • work issues
  • car issues
  • family issues
  • relationships with others
  • church issues
  • promotions
  • new opportunities

During these times in our lives, we need people who can support us and challenge us in Biblical ways.

However, most of us don’t want to hear advice from people we don’t have a relationship with, or from people who don’t take the time to listen to us.  We want people we can trust, people who respect us, people who love us, people we can love, people we can journey with honestly before the Lord.

As such, our Growth Groups are designed to be an atmosphere where we can:

  • pray for one another
  • share what is going on in each other’s life
  • share what the Lord is teaching us
  • discuss how to apply the teaching from the pulpit that week
  • enjoy one another’s friendship and company.

Why discuss the previous week’s teaching from the pulpit?

  • It gives people a chance to clarify and discuss what they heard on Sunday.
  • It is a great avenue for exploring how to apply the truths of the Bible to our daily lives.
  • It narrows the focus and increases the odds that we will apply the teaching to our lives.
  • It enhances listening on Sunday, since people will be discussing the sermon during the week.

Currently there are several Growth Groups that are meeting:

  • Young adults/college students
  • Young families
  • Families with children
  • Adults without children

And they meet at various times and places:

  • Sunday PM
  • Tuesday PM
  • Thursday PM
  • Friday PM

We would encourage you to prayerfully consider joining one of the groups.  Take a “test drive” – go for a couple weeks to try out one of the groups, and if it is not a fit we’d be happy to recommend another group to you.

For more information please contact the church office at (619) 460-6566 or info@lakemurraystaff.org.