We are convinced that God has designed us in such a way that no one can grow personally or spiritually completely on their own.

We need each other!

Our Growth Groups are designed to be an atmosphere where we can:

  • pray for one another
  • share what is going on in our lives
  • discuss how to apply the teaching from the pulpit each week
  • enjoy friendship and company.

Why sermon-based discussions?

  • It gives us a chance to clarify and discuss what we heard on Sunday.
  • It’s a great avenue for exploring how to apply the truths of the Bible to our daily lives.
  • It narrows the focus and increases the odds that we will apply the teaching to our lives.
  • It enhances our listening on Sunday, since we will be discussing the sermon during the week.

We have Growth Groups for all ages and life stages!

  • College Students & Young Adults
  • Newly Marrieds
  • Families with Children
  • Working Adults
  • Empty Nesters

We invite you to jump on board! Take a “test drive” this week and try out one of our groups!!

For more information please contact the church office at (619) 460-6566 or info@lakemurraystaff.org.