We are a Blessed People February 21, 2014

 I was thinking this week about what a blessed people we are.

Often it is easy to think of all the problems we have and issues we are trying to work through. For example, I don’t really like Windows 8 at all and I’m not used to it.  I think it tries to do too much and make too many decisions for me. It also puts too much junk on my computer and I have less control—but what that also means is that I have a relatively new computer since Windows 8 is on it. The fact that new technology frustrates me also points out that I have new technology available to me!

I have things I need to fix at the house: there are dishes to wash, messes to clean up, and grass that really needs to be mowed. Of course what that means is—that I have a house, I have food, and it has rained enough for things to grow. I have a van to get smogged and registered—that means I own a van. There are issues with kids and siblings, plans and futures—but that means we have kids and they have futures. Right now I am sore from working out and trying to get in shape and lose some weight—that means that I still have good enough health to walk and run and I have plenty of food in my life.

It is easy to get frustrated about issues, about people, about plans and ideas. I am finding that if I stop and reflect on the things that I consider to be problems, they typically reflect what a blessed person I am.

When we get frustrated with the details of life, let us remind ourselves that we are blessed enough to be frustrated by them!