The Humility, Confidence & Preparedness of Joseph March 28, 2014

In Genesis 40 & 41 we have the story of 3 people who have dreams (wine bearer, baker and Pharaoh). None of these people are able to interpret their dreams which creates in them quite a bit of stress.

As Joseph engages with them, Joseph makes it clear that the interpretation of dreams belongs to God. Notice that Joseph makes it clear that he is not the one with the special ability but that God is the one who can reveal the meaning.


There is a humility he has in which he acknowledges God’s power and insight. However, he also has a confidence that God will reveal the dreams to him. He has had dreams in the past where God worked in him to reveal what would happen in the future and he is confident that God will do it again. Thus, he confidently interprets the dreams.


With Pharaoh, Joseph goes one step further: Joseph gives Pharaoh advice on how to deal with the upcoming blessing and drought. This advice on Pharaoh’s dream leads to the path to fulfill the dreams he had many years earlier.


In the beginning of the story of Joseph, we see a pretty cocky and favorite-child teenager; when Joseph comes before Pharaoh, we see a humble but confident and wise young man.


In Joseph we see that humility is not weakness but a strength which allows him to understand where real wisdom and insight come from.


In Joseph, we also see patience and a faithful walk with God even in the difficulties and trials. After the dreams of the baker and cupbearer, which Joseph interpreted correctly, he spent another two years in prison. It might have been tempting to throw in the towel and feel like God had given up on him, but Joseph was faithful to his God.


When the right time came and Joseph was thrust on stage, he was confident and prepared but he was also humble and not arrogant or cocky. Let us focus on our character and our relationship with God, and let us wait for His timing for the events and plans He has for our lives.