The Dream and the Wait March 17, 2014

At times in our lives, God puts desires in us or gives us a vision of  what  He has for us.  We see this in the case of Joseph. Joseph had dreams which were rather significant and were irritating to his brothers and family.

However, between the time of seeing the dreams and the fulfillment of the dreams, it was a good 13-15 years. The fulfillment did not happen overnight.

We see the same thing with King David. David was anointed as a young man to be the next king of Israel – he then spent the next decade running for his life.

We also see this with the Apostle Paul. The day Ananias went to Paul and prayed for his eyesight, God layed out for Ananias what Paul would be doing ministry wise. Again, there were several years before the ministry plan began to take shape.

The point is this: often we can have a dream or direction we believe God is leading us in our lives, but it may not happen overnight and there may be a few detours in the process.  The key is for us to be a person like Joseph, David and Paul—to cling to God and walk with God in the midst of the journey and trusting God for the destination.