Sunday’s Sermon Notes September 8, 2014

Here is a link to the sermon notes/discussion questions that were in the bulletin on Sunday.  I am going to attempt to post a copy of the sermon notes each week on the church website so that everyone has access to them.  Feel free to download/print out a copy for use in your home fellowships (or personal use).  John 1 1-18 Insert

Also, you may have noticed that I recommended a book at the end of the sermon notes.  The book is by Bruce A. Ware, and is titled, The Man Christ Jesus.  If you want to do a bit more reading regarding the humanity and deity of Jesus, this is a great place to start.  Given that this is a deep and complex topic, the author does a great job condensing and clarifying issues.  He deals with questions like: If Jesus is fully God and man, and God knows all things, how could he grow in wisdom as a boy?  If God cannot sin, how was Jesus really tempted?  These are not easy questions, but the author presents them, and their answers, in a very understandable way.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan