Remembering Joseph April 28, 2014

 There are many things that come to mind as we think of the life of Joseph: how he persevered in the midst of bad times and was faithful to God in spite of circumstances; how he kept himself morally pure; how God worked through him and helped save both the Egyptians and his own family; how he was this person with some rather incredible gifts in accurately interpreting dreams. There is also the growth curve from being an seemingly arrogant teenager to a mature, humble, caring and competent adult.


There are many things we can learn and many things that stand out. However, none of those things mentioned are highlighted by God.


Highlighted in Hebrews 11 are Joseph’s burial instructions (11:22).


Really? Joseph is part of the hall of faith because of burial instructions?  Actually, yes!


What Joseph’s burial instructions revealed is that he believed God would keep His promises. So, even though Joseph died in Egypt, he believed God would bring the people back to the promised land.


When we are a people who cling to the promises of God and live our lives in light of eternity, God is not ashamed to be called our God (Hebrews 11:13-16).