Matthew 7.28-29 Follow Up September 18, 2017

This last Sunday we finished our series on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Our journey through this sermon has been convicting, encouraging, and awe-inspiring. I pray that God has used this series in your life.

On Sunday we looked at how the crowds reacted to Jesus’ sermon in 7.28-29. They reacted with amazement at Jesus’ authority that was strikingly different than the authority of other speakers and teachers they had heard. We reviewed some of the Sermon on the Mount in order to see the profound claims of authority that Jesus made. We also saw that simply being amazed at Jesus’ authority is not the response he calls for. We are called to obey and follow Jesus, for his authority is gracious and loving.

We made 2 main points on how to respond to the Sermon on the Mount:

  1. Recognize Jesus’ authority.
  2. Respond with more than astonishment.

The Sermon on the Mount ends by focusing on who Jesus is and the authority that he has. We cannot get to the lofty ethics found within this sermon without going through Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life.

Here are the discussion questions from Sunday’s bulletin: Matt. 7.28-29 Notes.

Next Sunday we will begin a series on the book of 1 Corinthians!


-Pastor Nathan Hogan