Matthew 7.12-27 Follow Up September 11, 2017

On Sunday we looked at Jesus’ conclusion to the Sermon on the Mt. in Matthew 7.12-27. Jesus called us to choose to follow Christ, and to examine our lives to make sure that we really are following Jesus. We ultimately have 2 choices in life: the way of Jesus, or the way of the world. Jesus explained these stark alternatives by using 4 illustrations that we examined on Sunday:

  1. 2 Ways.
  2. 2 Trees.
  3. 2 Claims.
  4. 2 Houses.

Through these illustrations Jesus encourages us when the road is hard, as he reminds us that we should expect it to be difficult. And for those who are not yet following Jesus, these illustrations cry out for us to choose this day whom we will serve! May God give us the grace to follow our Lord, Jesus!

Here are the discussion questions from Sunday’s bulletin: Matt. 7.12-27 Notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan