Matthew 6.16-18 Follow Up August 1, 2017

This last Sunday we looked at what Jesus had to say about fasting in the Sermon on the Mt. There were four things regarding fasting that we saw in this text:

  1. An assumption of fasting.
  2. A caution for fasting.
  3. A command for fasting.
  4. A blessing for fasting.

Many of us have probably not really thought that much about fasting in our Christian lives. So, for us we are called to begin making fasting a regular part of our spiritual lives. I pray that this text equips us to do just that as we seek to hunger and thirst after our Lord together.

If fasting is something you would like to read more about, there are 2 resources listed at the bottom of the sermon notes. Those notes and discussion questions are posted here: Matt.6.16-18 Notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan