Getting Real with God May 8, 2014

Do you ever feel that certain emotions are “off limits” when it comes to God? That you can’t express anger to God? That you can’t express fear or confusion to God?


It seems, at times, people have a false sense of spirituality like “Oh, I could never say those things to God.” The reality is that God is the one person who is capable of handling any emotional expression that we bring to Him.


The ‘Psalms of Lament’ point out that we can express our fear to God, we can express our anger to God and we can express our doubt to God. In fact, God is the one person we can come to no matter what condition we find our soul and cry out to Him.


Indeed, God is the only person we can come to who can truly heal our hurting soul.


In Psalm 22 the psalmist cries out in the pain of abandonment and yet he ends with a statement of praise and commitment.


The reality is that when we don’t bring our hurts and doubts to God, we also rarely end up with true praise and commitment. When we don’t deal with our hurt and resentment, we can begin to build up a little bit of resentment because we think that God is holding out on us a little bit.