Sunday Follow-Up on John 18.28-19.16 April 20, 2015

As we looked at John 18.28-19.16 on Sunday we saw how different Jesus’ Kingdom is from kingdoms of this world. It is a wonderful encouragement and challenge to us as Christians to be reminded of the nature of Jesus’ glorious Kingdom! Here is the insert with discussion questions from Sunday: John 18.28-19.16 Insert.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Good Friday Service @ 7 PM April 1, 2015

Join us this Friday, 4/3, for our annual Good Friday service at 7 PM. It will be a simple service as we reflect on the death of our Savior in song, a short message, and the Lord’s Supper.

Sunday Follow-Up on John 15.1-17 March 9, 2015

Happy Monday! Yesterday I preached on John 15.1-17 where Jesus tells us how to be fruitful as Christians. The surprising thing in this text is that Jesus does not just command us to be fruitful; instead he commands us to abide in Him, and then we will be fruitful. Here are the application questions: John 15.1-17 Insert.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Opportunity for Ministry! March 3, 2015

Hello Church Family:

There is an exciting opportunity to impact the lives of our little ones! Our children’s ministry has current openings for leaders and assistants; no experience is necessary—just a warm heart for service.

So I want to encourage you to pray over this opportunity to see if the Lord would lead you to serve in this ministry. I’m reminded of Naomi who guided her daughter-in-law, Ruth, to her redemptive rescue (Book of Ruth). Isn’t it amazing that God makes us a part of His grand story of redemption, and at the same time provides opportunities to be involved in each others’ individual stories as we point each other towards Christ?

Please pray. See if the Spirit might lead you to be a part of our little ones’ stories. God may have had you in mind since before creation for such a time as this; a time when He would use you as He used Naomi in another’s life; a time to lead another child to redemption in Christ. What an opportunity we have at hand!

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to serve and become a part of the spiritual formation of our children, please contact our Children’s Ministry Director, Sue Waugh, at the church office: 619-460-6566 or Thank you very much for seeking the Lord’s direction as you pray over this opportunity. God bless each of you.

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them” (Eph. 2:10, ESV).

Rejoicing in Christ,

Pastor Marttell