Matt 5.17-20 Follow Up May 22, 2017

This Sunday we studied Matthew 5.17-20 together. In this text Jesus introduces his upcoming discussion of the Law of God. He wants His followers to know what kingdom-people should know about their relationship to the Law of the Old Testament. There are 3 truths that we saw about our relationship with the Law:

  1. Kingdom people do not forsake the Law.
  2. Kingdom people know that Jesus fulfills the Law.
  3. Kingdom people follow the Law in a fuller way.

Here are some discussion questions from Sunday’s bulletin: Matt. 5.17-20 Notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Matthew 5.13-16 Follow Up May 15, 2017

In Matthew 5.13-16 Jesus describes Christians as salt and light in this world. We learned 3 truths about living godly lives in this fallen world:

  1. We are a presence in this world.
  2. We are peculiar in this world.
  3. We have a purpose in this world.

As we worked our way through the text, we learned that being salt and light is not just how super-Christians are described, but all of us are described this way.

Here are some discussion questions: Matt. 5.13-16 Notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Matthew 5.10-12 Follow Up May 8, 2017

As we continue to work our way through the Sermon on the Mt., we finished the Beatitudes this last Sunday by looking at what Jesus had to say about persecution. We learned 4 lessons about persecution from Matth 5.10-12.

  1. Persecution must be for the right things.
  2. Persecution includes a wide range of treatment.
  3. Persecution has a long history.
  4. Persecution brings us God’s blessings.

Here are some discussion questions from Sunday’s message: Matt. 5.10-12 Notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Matt. 5.6-9 Follow Up May 2, 2017

This last Sunday we looked at the next 4 beatitudes. As kingdom-people we are blessed as we hunger and thirst for righteousness, and are merciful, pure in heart, and peacemakers. As we defined these different beatitudes, we also looked at some ways in which we tend to overlook showing mercy, making peace, etc. Some of these easily-overlooked areas include evangelism, marriage, family, and life in the church.

Here are some discussion questions: Matt. 5.6-9 Notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Matt. 5.1-5 Follow Up April 25, 2017

On Sunday we began a new series in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mt. We wil spend the first few weeks looking at what are often referred to as the Beatitudes. These are blessings pronounced on certain traits exhibited by those who belong to the kingdom of heaven. Jesus is instructing His followers how to live as citizens of heaven here and now.

The first 3 Beatitudes (poor in spirit, mourning, and meekness) all have to do with seeing ourselves accurately before the Lord. The whole sermon begins with being poor in spirit. This is a recognition that we do not have the spiritual resources we need in, and of, ourselves. We are poor. We need the grace and mercy of our Lord. All the rest of the Beatitudes flow from this posture.

Here are some discussion questions: Matt. 5.1-5 Notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan