Matt. 5.1-5 Follow Up April 25, 2017

On Sunday we began a new series in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mt. We wil spend the first few weeks looking at what are often referred to as the Beatitudes. These are blessings pronounced on certain traits exhibited by those who belong to the kingdom of heaven. Jesus is instructing His followers how to live as citizens of heaven here and now.

The first 3 Beatitudes (poor in spirit, mourning, and meekness) all have to do with seeing ourselves accurately before the Lord. The whole sermon begins with being poor in spirit. This is a recognition that we do not have the spiritual resources we need in, and of, ourselves. We are poor. We need the grace and mercy of our Lord. All the rest of the Beatitudes flow from this posture.

Here are some discussion questions: Matt. 5.1-5 Notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

James 5.11 Follow Up April 10, 2017

On Sunday we finished up our series on the book of Job, and our larger series on 2 of the wisdom books in the Old Testament. We ended our study of Job by looking at how James spoke of Job in James 5.11. In this passage Job is praised for his patient endurance in trials, and God’s purpose, mercy, and compassion are highlighted. We learned that enduring in trials is about growing and being changed, not just buckling down and staying the same. God, in His mercy and compassion, is making us more like His Son even though this often involves pain in our lives.

Here are the bulletin notes with some discussion questions: James 5.11 Notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan