Job 2.11-13 Follow Up January 30, 2017

Faithful friends are a wonderful gift from God. Job’s friends seemingly showed up with good intentions, wise counsel, and a desire to help. However, we know that they proved themselves to be of no comfort to Job. In Sunday’s sermon we learned some principles of godly friendship, but also were reminded that we never suffer alone as God’s holy children, even if we are abandoned by loved ones.

Here are some discussion questions: Job 2.11-13 Notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Job 1.6-2.10 Follow Up January 24, 2017

Job 1.6-2.10 is a sobering and, at times, even shocking text as we witness the afflictions of Job being carried out. We saw that as Job suffered he had a merciless adversary in Satan, but a good and sovereign God in the Lord, and in all of this Job remained faithful to his God.

Here are the discussion questions from Sunday: Job 1.6-2.10 Notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Job 1.1-5 Follow Up January 16, 2017

On Sunday we began the second half of our Year of Wisdom as we embarked on our journey through the book of Job. We saw that Job was a man who displayed many of the characteristics of wisdom that were spoken of in the book of Ecclesiastes. Job was a godly man from the beginning, and Job was a man who was prepared for trials and suffering before those trials arrived. As Christians, it is vital that we be watchful and prepared for suffering as it comes into our lives.

Here are the discussion questions: Job 1.1-5 Notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Ecclesiastes 11.7-12.14 Follow Up January 9, 2017

On Sunday we looked at some things to remember as we ended our series in the book of Ecclesiastes. The author spoke to young people and encouraged them to rejoice in their youth and to remember the trials of growing old. We were reminded that all of us eventually return to dust. In the midst of this vain world, we can rely on the Lord and His wisdom as we all are called to fear Him and obey His Word. A wonderful ending to a powerful book.

Here are the discussion questions: Eccl. 11.7-12.14 Notes.

Next week we will begin our series in the book of Job!


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Ecclesiastes 10.8-11.6 Follow Up January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! As we look ahead to this new year and the various tasks God has for us, we looked at Ecclesiastes 10.8-11.6 to see how to work wisely in a world where we don’t know what God is going to do in the future. In short, we saw that wise work is both careful and courageous. Our work should be thoughtful and wise, but it also should be bold as we trust in God’s sovereignty.

Here are the discussion questions from the bulletin: Eccl. 10.8-11.6 Notes.

I am looking forward to wrapping up the book of Ecclesiastes next Sunday!


-Pastor Nathan Hogan