Ecclesiastes 8.1-17 Follow Up November 28, 2016

“Obey the king!” This is what the author of Ecclesiastes told us to do in order to be wise in how we relate to our leaders and rulers. We not only learned what to do, but why we are to do this, and how we are equipped to do it. In this vain world we will often face unwise and ungodly leaders, but the Bible gives us clear instructions on how to relate to our leaders as we trust the Lord and His justice.

Here are the discussion questions: eccl-8-1-17-notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Ecclesiastes 7.15-29 Follow Up November 21, 2016

This last Sunday we looked at Ecclesiastes 7.15-29. This is a passage that points us to things we can count on in this world that is often mysterious and confusing. We saw that we can’t even count on our own works (good or bad) to guarantee life. We must finally count on the Lord and trust and fear Him.

Here are the discussion questions from Sunday’s bulletin: eccl-7-15-29-notes.

Happy Thanksgiving!


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Ecclesiastes 6.10-7.14 November 15, 2016

On Sunday we saw that we can grow in wisdom even in the midst of the vanity of life. Even painful realities like death teach us much wisdom about life and eternity. We are called to pursue wisdom as we trust in God’s sovereign hand over our lives.

Here are the discussion questions: eccl-6-10-7-14-notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan