Ecclesiastes 5.8-6.9 Follow Up October 24, 2016

The love of money will never satisfy. This is one of the fundamental truths about money in the book of Ecclesiastes, and on Sunday we looked more at why this is the case. We also saw that the author is not trying to get us to hate money, but to be content and satisfied with what God gives us. This led us to also look at what true satisfaction is like according to Ecclesiastes.

Here are the discussion questions from the bulletin: eccl-5-8-6-9-notes.

We will be taking a two week break from Ecclesiastes. I will be out of town next Sunday at a small group campout, and the following week we will have a guest speaker for a missions Sunday. I look forward to resuming the book of Ecclesiastes in a couple of weeks.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Ecclesiastes 5.1-7 Follow Up October 18, 2016

The Bible has a lot to say about wise speech: we should be quck to listen and slow to speak, when we do speak we should use wise and thoughtful words, and we should have integrity in our speech as we seek to do what we say. In Ecclesiastes 5.1-7 the biblical author takes these principles of wise speech and applies them to how we talk to God in worship. We should come to the Lord ready to listen first and foremost, and when we speak to the Lord we should be thoughtful with our words (not hasty and rash), and when we tell the Lord we will do something we should do it!

Here are the discussion questions from Sunday’s bulletin: eccl-5-1-7-notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Ecclesiastes 4.4-16 Follow Up October 11, 2016

This last Sunday we learned how to joyfully receive God’s gift of work. We will be tempted to work out of envy of others, or we will reject work altogether out of laziness, but God calls us to work hard with contentment. In addition to this, he calls us to work with other people as he has designed us to need one another in our work. This is especially true when it comes to fighting the good fight of faith together as Christians.

Here are the discussion questions from Sunday’s bulletin: eccl-4-4-16-notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Ecclesiastes 3.16-4.3 Follow Up October 3, 2016

How are we, as Christians, to respond in the face of horrible injustices in this fallen world? That is what we discussed this week as the author of Ecclesiastes reflected on the world’s injustices in 3:16-4:3. As Christians we can lament the injustices in this world with hope and faith in the God of justice.

Here are the discussion questions from Sunday’s bulletin: eccl-3-16-4-3-notes.