Ecclesiastes 3.1-15 Follow Up September 27, 2016

In Ecclesiastes 3.1-15 we learn that there is a season for everything under the sun. It takes wisdom in this world to know what to do in each season of life. However, we have the confidence that God makes all things beautiful in its time, and that He has called us to rejoice and do good in this life as we face whatever seasons the Lord brings our way. May God grant you all the wisdom you need to face whatever season of life you are in right now.

Here are the discussion questions from Sunday’s bulletin: eccl-3-1-15-notes


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Ecclesiastes 1.12-2.26 Follow Up September 19, 2016

What a great Sunday we had together this last week! We were able to worship our Lord together and study His Word, and then we gathered in the evening to witness the baptisms of several individuals. What a good gift Sunday was.

In Sunday’s sermon we looked at Ecclesiastes 1.12-2.26. We learned some characteristics of wisdom in this fallen world. In spite of how broken this world is, we can still have joy in this life as we acknowledge God’s good and gracious gifts to His people. Here are the discussion questions based on the sermon: eccl-1-12-2-26-notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Ecclesiastes 1.1-11 Follow Up September 12, 2016

We began our Year of Wisdom together on Sunday as we embarked on a journey through the books of Ecclesiastes and Job. We began our series in Ecclesiastes by being introduced to the book as we looked at Eccl. 1.1-11. We were introduced to a wise speaker who, in turn, introduced us to a weary world. We learned that true wisdom is willing to ask the hard questions about life, and look at the world in light of the reality of the God of the Bible. We also were reminded of the vain and weary nature of this fallen world as we saw that Christ is the only hope we have, as He has overcome the world. Here are the discussion questions that were in the bulletin: eccl-1-1-11-notes.

I am very much looking forward to spending time in these wisdom books together this year.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan