God is Just Follow-Up June 27, 2016

This last Sunday we studied God’s justice. God is a righteous and impartial judge. He is just when He condemns and He is just when He saves. As a just God, He calls us to be just people. Above all, His justice points us to the cross where we see God’s justice exercised in the death of Jesus as we receive His mercy. What wonderful news!

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday: God is Just Notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Jesus in Genesis Follow Up June 20, 2016

This Sunday we looked at Genesis 1:1 and discovered three elemental truths: (1) God created everything, (2) God created everything good, and (3) God created everything through Christ. Here is a copy of the sermon insert in the program: Jesus in Genesis Notes.

Next Sunday we return to our summer series on the attributes of God, and Pastor Nathan will be preaching.

-Pastor Marttell Sánchez

God is Holy Follow-Up June 13, 2016

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty! On Sunday we praised God for His holiness, and looked at the Bible to see God’s holiness on display. May we strive to grow in holiness as we obey the Lord. Here are the notes from Sunday: God is Holy Notes.

Next Sunday Pastor Marttell is preaching, and we will take a break from our series on the attributes of God. We will resume in 2 weeks.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

God is Omnipotent Follow-Up June 6, 2016

Our God is omnipotent! Our God is all-powerful! Our God is sovereign! While there is mystery in God’s omnipotence and sovereignty, there is also immeasurable comfort in knowing that God is guiding all things for His glory, and the good of His people.

Here are the discussion questions from Sunday: God is Omnipotent Notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan