Hebrews 2.1-4 Follow-up September 28, 2015

On Sunday as we looked at Hebrews 2.1-4 we discussed the importance of paying close attention to our spiritual lives so as not to drift away from the truths of the Gospel. Here are the sermon notes from the bulletin this week: Hebrews 2.1-4 Notes.

I hope you have been able to work on memorizing Hebrews 1.1-2. Next Sunday we will introduce a new memory passage for the month of October, so now is the time to make sure you have our first passage down.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Hebrews 1.5-14 Follow-up September 21, 2015

Jesus is superior to the angels, and He sends out the angels for our good! That is what we learned on Sunday as we studied Hebrews 1.5-14. Here are the discussion questions: Hebrews 1.5-14 Notes.

Don’t forget to keep memorizing our current memory passage: Hebrews 1.1-2!


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Hebrews 1.1-4 Follow-up September 14, 2015

On Sunday we began our sermon series on the book of Hebrews. In Hebrews 1.1-4 we were told how God has spoken to His people long ago and in these last days. I am so excited to journey through this book together as we learn to see and savor Jesus Christ in all of Scripture.

Here is a copy of the Hebrews 1.1-4 Notes with discussion questions.

I also introduced a series of key Scripture memory passages in the book of Hebrews. Our current passage is Hebrews 1.1-2. Once again, here are 2 different formats with all the upcoming passages listed:


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Hebrews Memory Verses September 9, 2015

I am excited to begin a new series this Sunday as I preach through the book of Hebrews. This is a wonderful book that helps us see Jesus at the center of the Bible. In an effort to really help this book sink into our hearts, I have chosen a series of memory verses of key passages in the book. My hope is that we can memorize these passages together as a church. It works out to just about one passage per month, and if we memorize them all, we should have a pretty good overview of the book of Hebrews in our minds and hearts by the end. In an effort to help everyone memorize these verses here are a couple of resources:

1) Memorizing Scripture can be difficult! In case you need a reminder about why it is so important to memorize God’s Word, here is a great little article by John Piper called, “Why Memorize Scripture?“.

2) Here are 2 different formats that include all of the memory verses we plan to learn together this year.

Both of the above formats will be available in the foyer on Sunday, but you can print out your own copies using the above links.

I am excited to study this amazing book of the Bible together, and I pray that it takes root in our hearts and lives.


-Pastor Nathan