Sunday Follow-Up on John 19.16-42 April 27, 2015

It is finished! On Sunday we heard about the amazingly good news of Jesus’ completed work on the cross as we looked at the crucifixion scene in the Gospel of John. Here is the bulletin insert to help your discussions this week: John 19.16-42 Insert.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

New Free Counseling Booklets April 23, 2015

We were starting to run low on the free counseling booklets in the foyer. They continue to be provided by the Christian Counseling & Education Foundation (CCEF). This week the supplies have been replenished including some new titles. New titles include: “When Your Kid’s In Trouble,” “Social Anxiety,” “What’s Wrong with A Little Porn?” “Anxiety and Panic Attacks,” “Bringing Christ to Abused Women,” and “Forging a Strong Mother-Daughter Bond.” As always the booklets are free!

Sunday Follow-Up on John 18.28-19.16 April 20, 2015

As we looked at John 18.28-19.16 on Sunday we saw how different Jesus’ Kingdom is from kingdoms of this world. It is a wonderful encouragement and challenge to us as Christians to be reminded of the nature of Jesus’ glorious Kingdom! Here is the insert with discussion questions from Sunday: John 18.28-19.16 Insert.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Sunday Follow-Up on John 18.1-27 April 13, 2015

On Sunday we looked at John 18.1-27 and we contrasted Peter’s lack of boldness with Jesus’ bold stance for His people. We saw that Jesus’ boldness in His work for us should translate into us being bold for Him in the world. The Gospel message empowers us to be bold. Here is the insert from Sunday’s bulletin with discussion questions: John 18.1-27 Insert.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Good Friday Service @ 7 PM April 1, 2015

Join us this Friday, 4/3, for our annual Good Friday service at 7 PM. It will be a simple service as we reflect on the death of our Savior in song, a short message, and the Lord’s Supper.