Sunday Follow-up on John 17.1-26 March 30, 2015

What a great weekend! Sunday was a rich day as we worshipped together in the morning and evening. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make Sunday evening’s “This We Believe” worship night come to pass.

On Sunday morning we looked at Jesus’ prayer for His people in John 17.1-26. We learned a lot about Jesus’ priorities for His people in these verses. Here is Sunday’s bulletin insert: John 17.1-26 Insert.

We will take a break from the Gospel of John next Sunday in light of Easter.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Sunday Follow-Up on John 16.16-33 March 23, 2015

This last Sunday we finished Jesus’ farewell address to His disciples. In the wake of Jesus’ ministry He promised that His followers would have a joy that nobody could take away. We looked at the nature of this joy that we can have in Christ. Here is the insert from Sunday’s bulletin: John 16.16-33 Insert.

-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Sunday Follow-Up on John 15.18-16.15 March 16, 2015

In John 15.18-16.15 Jesus prepares His disciples for being hated by the world. He equips them to persevere in the faith even when the world opposes them. Jesus offers several sources of encouragement to help His followers stand firm. Here are the application questions that were in the bulletin: John 15.18-16.15 Insert.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan

Easter Resources For You And Your Family March 10, 2015

Believe it or not, Easter is not that far away! In the days leading up to Easter some enjoy focusing on the death and resurrection of Jesus in their personal and family devotions. If you are looking for resources along these lines, here are 3 you may want to check out:

Scandalous Image

The first book you may want to check out is called Scandalous: The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus. It is written by D.A. Carson and is available in paperback or Kindle format. This book is only 5 chapters long and each chapter examines one text of Scripture dealing with the death and/or resurrection of Jesus. It is a short book, but it contains lots of meat if you want an in depth examination of some key passages related to the ministry of Jesus.

Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross image

The second resource you may want to look at is Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross: Experiencing the Passion and Power of Easter. This book is only available in paperback as far as I know. It includes numerous short devotional writings from pastors/theologians of the past and present. The short devotional readings are compiled by Nancy Guthrie, but the book contains contributions from Martin Luther, John Piper, Charles Spurgeon, John MacArthur, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, R.C. Sproul, J.I. Packer, and many others. This is a great little devotional resource.

Mission Accomplished Image

The final resource is actually a two-week family devotional focused on Easter. It is called Mission Accomplished. It is available in hardcover. I have not used this resource yet myself as it is brand new, but I have heard good things about it. The book includes 2 weeks (14 days) of family devotionals. One week focuses on the crucifixion and one week focuses on the resurrection. Each day includes a short Scripture reading, a brief explanation, some suggested questions to discuss together, and a suggested activity (a song to sing or craft to do together, etc.). This resource is probably best suited for families with younger children, but could probably be adapted for various age groups. I am looking forward to looking into this resource more myself.

I hope some of these resources aide you as you revel in the work of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

-Pastor Nathan Hogan