2 Corinthians 4:1-6 Follow Up November 19, 2018

As Christians we are all called to minister to one another, but ministry can be filled with many sources of discouragement along the way. In 2 Corinthians 4:1-6 Paul gives us 3 ways in which he did not lose heart in his ministry.

1. Love the Ministry.

Verses 1-2 tell us that Paul did not lose heart in the ministry because he had been entrusted with the ministry of the Gospel. Paul did not engage in Gospel ministry with ulterior motives. He was not motivated by having his ego boosted, or money, or controversy, or political power. Paul loved the Gospel, and loved the ministry itself. Often we lose heart in the ministry because we don’t really love the ministry.

2. Expect Rejection.

In verses 3-4 Paul tells us it that he knows that people are blinded to the Gospel by the god of this world (Satan). We can be faithful, loving, gracious, and winsome as we minister to others, and we will still face rejection because people are blinded in their hearts. We do not need to lose heart or second guess the message of the Gospel just because we face rejection.

3. Trust in the Light.

In verses 5-6 Paul reminds us that even though people’s hearts are dark, God creates light. The same God who said, “Let there be light,” in creation shines light into the dark and unbelieving hearts of people. Only the Lord can do this, so we are freed to simply minister to others with faith and trust in God’s creative ability.

May we take this passage to heart as we seek to persevere in the ministry which God has given us. Here are the discussion questions from Sunday’s sermon: 2 Cor. 4.1-6 Notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan