1 Corinthians 6.1-11 Follow Up December 18, 2017

In 1 Corinthian 6.1-11 Paul addresses another surprising issue in Corinth: the church member are suing one another! In short, the Corinthians were dealing with their divisions using the world’s wisdom, not the wisdom of Christ. Even though we may not be suing each other, we too struggle with using the world’s wisdom about conflict when it comes to seeking reconciliation in the body of Christ.

Paul answers two possible objections to seeking peace and reconciliation with fellow believers, and then he provides 1 solution:

  1. 2 Objections Answered (verses 1-8)
    1. We are not competent! Paul reminds the Corinthians that they will one day judge the world with Christ. Even though conflict can be complex and difficult, we are capable, in the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit, of handling conflict in the church.
    2. It isn’t fair! Paul tells the Corinthians it is better to be defrauded than go to court. Whenever we reconcile we have to give up something we want: a harsh or indifferent spirit, bitterness, revenge, anger, etc.
  2. 1 Solution (verses 9-11)
    1. How can we let go of what we want and be peacemakers with one another? By remembering who we used to be: sinners, and knowing who we are now: washed, sanctified, and justified in the blood of Jesus. Jesus embraced us though we were lost in our sin.

Here are some discussion questions and the order of service from this last Sunday: 1 Cor. 6.1-11 Insert.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan