1 Corinthians 4.1-21 Follow Up December 4, 2017

What does cross-centered leadership look like in the local church? In 1 Corinthians chapter 4 Paul gives us a small taste of some of the surprising aspects of what leadership should look like in the local church. Even though we are often tempted to value what the world does in leadership, Paul reminds us in this text that leadership in the church is sometimes going to look very different than it does in the world. This is because we worship and follow a Savior who was crucified and despised by the world.

We looked at 3 surprising things we should value in leadership in the local church:

  1. We should value a leadership who knows about ultimate accountability. Leaders in the church are aware that they are ultimately accountable to God. We should desire leaders who don’t just submit to all of our personal preferences, but who seek to be faithful to God first and foremost.
  2. We should value a leadership who is willing to suffer for the Gospel. Sometimes we want our leaders to be successful by the world’s standards because we too want to be successful in that way. Gospel ministry, however, will sometimes involve suffering.
  3. We should value a leadership who encourages and warns. Leaders should encourage us with their godly example, and also should be willing to warn us about sin. We should seek leaders who will hold us accountable in the church.

To help you in your reflection this week, discussion questions and details from Sunday’s order of worship are included below:

1 Cor. 4.1-21 Notes


-Pastor Nathan Hogan