1 Corinthians 3.16-23 Follow Up November 27, 2017

On Sunday we looked at 3 more characteristics of a mature/wise Christian. In 1 Cor. 3.16-23 Paul lays out 3 things that mature Christians should not do.

  1. Don’t destroy the temple. The temple is the church! As God’s people with His Holy Spirit living within us, we are God’s temple, so we should do nothing to destroy that temple.
  2. Don’t deceive yourselves. The world’s wisdom can be very deceptive because it sounds good and is often presented by impressive people in the world. In order to avoid being deceived Paul calls us to focus on the cross and remember that while we may be able to deceive ourselves, we cannot deceive God.
  3. Don’t discount God’s blessings. The world’s wisdom brings false promises, but Paul reminds us that “all things” are ours in Christ. We must never forget that God’s blessings are better than the temporary “blessings” the world’s wisdom promises.

Below are some discussion questions and the order of service from this Sunday to help you as you reflect this week.

1 Cor. 3.16-23 Notes


-Pastor Nathan Hogan