1 Corinthians 10.1-13 Follow Up February 5, 2018

In 1 Corinthians 10.1-13 Paul cautions us against 2 dangers we commonly fall into when it comes to facing temptation. We examined these dangers together in Sunday’s sermon.

  1. The Danger of Pride. In v. 12 Paul cautions us to take heed lest we fall. In the verses leading up to this he recounts the long and sad history of Israel in the wilderness. Even though they had been delivered by God, fed by God, and led by God, they still turned to false idols, sexual immorality, testing the Lord, and grumbling against Him. This led to death amongst Israel, and most being forbidden from entering Promised Land. If Israel could fall into sin and temptation with all her blessings, so can we, if we do not stay vigilant. Paul warns us not to be prideful when it comes to temptation. We are not to think that we are so spiritually mature that we cannot be tempted.
  2. The Danger of Despair. In v. 13 Paul also cautions us to not fall into despair when we are tempted. All temptations we face are common to man, and the Lord limits our temptations, and always provides a way of escape. We may not always want the way of escape, but it is always there. We should never fall into despair when we are tempted by thinking there is no way of escape. Our faithful and sovereign God is always caring for, and watching over us.

May this text help us to stand against temptation with a humble confidence in our sovereignly faithful God!

Here are the discussion questions based on the sermon, and the order of service from Sunday: 1 Cor. 10.1-13 Notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan