1 Corinthians 1.4-17 Follow Up October 2, 2017

In 1 Cor. 1.4-17 Paul begins to deal with the the lack of unity in the church of Corinth. The church was experiencing divisions in numerous ways. For example, groups in the church were picking their favorite personalities (Paul, Apollos, Peter, or even Jesus) and dividing with the church over their preferences for the personalities or styles of these leaders. The Corinthians illustrate the tendency we all have to focus on external things in our leaders rather than the Gospel message that they bring, and that unites us in Christ.

On Sunday we looked at 2 things Paul does to encourage unity in the church of Corinth:

  1. He models unity. Paul does this by thanking the Lord for who the Corinthians are in Christ. If we want to experience unity we also need to model unity ourselves by thanking the Lord for the church, and telling our brothers and sisters in the Lord how thankful we are for them.
  2. He commands unity. Paul especially does this in verse 10 which will be a key verse for the book of 1 Corinthians.

Here are some discussion questions from the bulletin: 1 Cor. 1.4-17 Notes.


-Pastor Nathan Hogan